Metro Alarm's Residential Monitoring Systems

“From the first days of installation to present day (over 10 years later), I have been extremely happy with the service I have received-- from a pleasant dispatcher, to very knowledgeable technicians, to concise invoicing to incredibly quick response times, Metro Alarm has provided my organization with top-notch service and practical, economic solutions to our security needs. Id like to take this opportunity to say Thanks, Metro and Kudos to your entire organization!” ~ Patty/Administrative Supervisor, NU-Telecom

Superior Residential Monitoring Services

Metro Alarm is your most reliable source for security experience and customer service. We can monitor your home security/fire panel in a variety of ways, by means of:

  • Normal copper phone line
  • The Internet
  • Cellular
  • Cellemetry
  • GSM
  • Two-way radio

In the event of a break-in or other alarm trigger, the panel calls the monitoring center, sending data through a receiver to a dispatch operator.

The dispatcher will try to verify the emergency alarm by calling your home and asking for your pass code. For an incorrect pass code, the dispatcher will immediately notify police of a possible incident.

Dispatchers may also call for assistance from fire personnel, emergency medical teams, and other service personnel. Typically, the dispatcher notifies the designated people on the call-list when there is an alarm signal.

Our monitoring steps are simple and effective:

  • Location Verification—telephone your home, to verify the nature of the alarm
  • Responder Notification—telephone responders such as police, fire, or others specified by you and notify them of the alarm
  • Call-List—telephone persons designated for contact in the event of an alarm

Metro Alarm will customize our responses to fit your individual needs.

Our monitored customers can log on to Central Station via the internet and view all their signal history 24/7.

Whatever your residential monitoring needs, contact Metro Alarm.