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“Thanks for your phone message earlier today asking my opinion about the installation and service from Metro Alarm so far. I must tell you that I couldn’t be more pleased. Everything went almost exactly as estimated for the installation with awesome guys to work with. The prices quoted during the bidding process were the same with no hidden or added fees. We had our first service call last week and it was handled the next day, no problems! From John, who came out to bid the project to Tom who headed up the install, you, Barb, who has been so considerate each time I’ve spoken with you and all the techs that have been out here, we are so happy with our decision to switch companies! Your knowledge and service in the past few months have far surpassed the customer service I have received in the last 11 years being here at Parkway from our last company. I don’t mean to be impersonal by e-mailing rather than calling, but I figured maybe you could forward this on to some of the others who have made this large change for us so seamless. Thanks for everything!!” ~ Sandy Hart, Parkway Cooperative

Customer Care

Emergency Call List

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Cancellation of Monitoring Services

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View Alarm History

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User Code List

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Open Close Name Changes

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DMP Internet Monitoring Info

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XR-6 User Guide

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XR-20 User Guide

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XTL User Guide

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XR-50 Quick Refference Guide

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XT-50 User Guide

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XR-500 Quick Refference Guide

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XR-500 User Guide

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DVR Port open info for Mits 4500 & 4700 Series

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